Sharif Medical & Dental College is dedicated to best serve the nation through preservation and dissemination of advanced knowledge and educating the students by latest trends in learning and research reaching levels pars excellence.

The Institution is committed to provide standardized quality medical education to its students by inculcating professional knowledge, skills and responsibilities in them with the aim of:

  • Preparing them as modern physicians having initiative to act as future leaders in their respective fields and becoming lifelong learners.
  • Encouraging the spirit of critical thinking through research and publication.
  • Building up an understanding of the ethical values compatible with our religion, culture and social norms.
  • Developing a sense of being responsible citizens of the society possessing professional competence and instilling in them the values of hard work and dedication thus preparing them to be accountable to the stakeholders and the state.

The Institution is devoted to keep abreast its faculty with the latest trends in Medical Education encompassing teaching/learning methodologies, assessment tools, research opportunities and professionalism to facilitate their professional development, competencies and commitment towards continues learning.

Our patient-centered mission is achieved by outstanding medical care & services in professional practice with due emphasis and focus on our local health needs.

Our mission further elaborate upon establishing academic and research facilities in areas of local demand under global gold standards and leading advancement in research, education & patient care.


To be recognized for the provision of a safe and functional environment conducive to collaborative teaching & learning, comfortable working atmosphere and conducting world class research through professionalism and excellence.

Student Elective Policy for MBBS

Elective Policy for Internal Students 1. SMDC students desirous of doing electives outside SMDC shall do so in a WHO/FAIMER accredited of PMDC recognized Medical Institute.
2. The following shall be submitted to the Principal office.
  • An application through the Student Affairs Office, at least 4 weeks in advance specifying time frame of the electives.
  • One current passport size photograph.
  • Prescribed paid fee challan.
  • Duly filled in application form of institute (where elective is to be done).
3. After formal approval from the Principal, the Student Affairs office shall issue a NOC/Bonafide certificate for onward submission.
4. External electives shall only be allowed during vacations.
5. Students shall report to the Student Affairs Office SMDC at the end of the electives and submit a copy of electives details from the concerned Institution for office record.

Elective Policy for External Students
  • National & International Students desirous of doing electives at SMDC shall submit their applications to the Office of the Principal SMDC at least 4 weeks before desired commencement, specifying the time frame and the specialties of the electives.
  • An official letter and/or duly filled application forwarded by the Head of Parent Institution is a prerequisite.
  • In case of non availability of the Student Selected Component (SSC) or inadequate facilities in the desired specialty, the same shall be communicated to the applicant.
  • MBBS students in Fourth year and Final year of their studies from an accredited WHO/FAIMER or PMDC recognized Institute are eligible to apply.
  • College is not responsible for providing or arranging boarding, food or medical facilities to elective students.
  • Change in the dates or discipline without prior formal request at least 2 weeks before commencement date of electives, shall not be allowed.
  • The candidate shall report to the Students Affairs Office at commencement of the elective.
  • Students shall be evaluated on a standard evaluation form countersigned by the Supervisor and record kept in file. A copy shall be mailed to the parent Institution for information.
  • The student at the conclusion of the electives shall report to the Director Student Affairs SMDC and submit a copy of the elective details duly signed by the concerned Head of Department, for issuance of a certification in this regard.

Student Elective Policy for BDS

Elective Policy for internal students
  • The electives will be allowed during summer vacations only.
  • The electives will be allowed to the final year students.
  • The students will be encouraged to do electives in the sub specialties not available in College of Dentistry, SMDC.
  • The students can do electives in any hospital within or outside the country.
  • The required permissions and documentations will be provided by the college; however the boarding & lodging will be liability of the student.
Elective Policy for external students
  • Students need to apply to the Office of Student Affairs, at least 4 weeks in advance. Students in 3rd year and 4th year of BDS can be considered. Other cases may also be entertained at management’s discretion.
  • Only students who belong to an accredited WHO and PMDC recognized institute with a minimum of two years of clinical exposure will be entertained. An official letter from the parent institute will be required for eligibility.
  • College of Dentistry, SMDC will not be responsible for providing or arranging boarding facilities to elective students. Students would be responsible for their own food and medical coverage.
  • The duration of each elective would be four weeks.
  • Students on elective at College of Dentistry, SMDC would be required to wear a white coat and display the College ID card at all times to identify them as a “visiting student”.
  • Students will follow the code of discipline of SMDC specially the dress code.
  • Although every possible effort would be made to make the elective a pleasant experience, the College of Dentistry would not be held liable for any mishap, experience and events that may directly or indirectly, physically or emotionally harm the “candidate” on or off the college or hospital premises during the course of the elective.
  • The electives will be evaluated through the students elective log book which will be generic and will include expectations and outcomes.
  • Student activity will be countersigned by the supervisor. The elective log book will also include a reflective write up of the student. This write up will also be sent to the host institute.
  • Application fee would be charged from external students as determined by curriculum committee.