About Sharif Medical City Hospital

Sharif Medical City Hospital is 500 bedded hospital having 18730 sq. ft. covered area. It has separate sections of emergency, outpatients, inpatients, operation theatres, investigation services and private rooms. The 13 well- designed and fully equipped operation theatres have their own pre and post operative sections. The intensive care facilities range from intensive monitoring to continuous ventilation.

It has a magnificent building, architecturally designed as a crescent and star, built with rich specifications and equipped extensively to have state of the art equipment to be able to act as a teaching hospital. Hospital is surrounded by vast lush-green lawns and is linked with other services by network of wide carpeted roads having ornamental trees along their sides. The decor of hospital building and horticulture matches any similar facility in the western world.

As a tertiary care hospital this hospital is designed to provide health care of international standards to all patients of the area and others coming from surrounding districts.

The emergency and trauma center of the hospital is dedicated to provide the community with first class emergency care. The department offers high quality 24/7 emergency services and caters for treatment of all acute illnesses as well as life threatening conditions. It has separate emergency management units of medicine and allied, surgery and allied, pediatrics and gynaecology & obstetrics. There is a minor operation theater and procedure room where emergency surgical procedures are carried out. The center has a large waiting area and pharmacy where all emergency medicines are available. Emergency has critical care transport service. It has a fleet of six ambulances with a critical care trained staff. Sharif Centre of Advanced Caparoscopis Surgery (SCALS) The Heart Centre, Sharif Institute of Urology & Renal Transplant (SIURT), Shiarf Center for cleft lip and Palate (SCCLAP) and Sharif Cancer Care are the latest centres with modern equipment and highly trained faculty and staff members to ensure a continuos high quality patient care.
The hospital has blood bank providing facilities like screening, blood donation, collection, component preparation, storage and preservation. A very active blood donor society is being run by students under the supervision of blood transfusion officer.

The success and continued evolution of Sharif Medical City is due to qualified and competent professionals who very sincerely uphold the mission of service to humanity with unwavering compassion for pain and agony. It is this mission spirit, that governs and brings together capable medical staff members into a team, which steadfastly continues to provide medical care with hope to heal and cure.