Sharif Trust was founded by Late Mian Mohammad Sharif, a philanthropist and an industrial conglomerate, who was blessed with an ability to run enterprises effectively. His first project was launched in the Steel industry in 1937 as Sharif Group. After his migration to lahore, Pakistan he had to start his business once again. The group emerged, in a short period of time, as a leading group in the steel, textile and sugar sectors of Pakistan.

In addition to his concerns for the sprouting industry in Pakistan, he had immense desire to establish and sponsor welfare projects for the under privileged class of the country. He owed the origin of this desire to an impulse which got triggered when he encountered heart ailment and experienced lack of medical expertise in the country at that time. The first significant step in this direction led to the birth of Ittefaq Hospital (1986), which presently in addition to having an adequate number of charity beds has a fairly large benevolent fund to draw upon. His vision was in fact to establish a series of such hospitals in the rural surroundings. He established Sharif Trust (1995), which received additional contributions from his family members. Main objective of this trust is to establish and maintain educational and medical institutions. The Sharif Trust is managed by a Board of trustees and chaired by Mr. Mohammad Nawaz Sharif (Honorable Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan).

Sr. NoName of Educational InstitutionDate of
Name of Affiliating Authority

Medical Institutes

1 Sharif Medical and Dental College 2007 University of Health Sciences, Lahore
2 Sharif Medical City Hospital 1998 Sharif Medical City/Punjab Health Care Commission
3 Sharif Institute of Allied Health Sciences 2013 Punjab Medical Faculty
4 Sharif College Of Nursing 2014 Pakistan Nursing Council
5 Sharif Postgraduate Medical Institute 2014 College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan/University of Health Sciences
6 Sharif Medical Reserch Center 2015 Sharif Medical City
7 Sharif Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Center 2015 Sharif Medical City

Engineering Institute

1 Sharif College of Engineering &
2011 University of Engineering &
Technology Lahore, Pakistan

 Educational Institutes

1 Sharif Education Complex (Boys) 1997

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore, Pakistan.
University of Cambridge

2 Sharif Education Complex (Girls) 1997 -do-
3 Sharif Educational Complex (Boys' College) 2000 Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore, Pakistan
4 Sharif Educational Complex (Girls' College) 2000 -do-
5 Sharif Model School for Boys 1998 Punjab Education Commission
6 Sharif Model School for Girls 1998 -do-
7 Sharif Islamic and Vocational Center 2000 Sharif Education Complex

Special Education Institue

1 OASIS 2000 OASIS Trust