Sharif College of Rehabilitation Sciences

Rehabilitation is one of the modern specialties in the healthcare system. Rehabilitation is an evidence-based approach to ensure the physical, functional, and mental recovery of an individual.
Rehabilitation not only treats an individual, the current rehabilitative approach is being used to prevent the ailment and improve the quality of life. Rehabilitation is engaged in children, youngsters, and the older population.
World health organization (WHO) estimates that 2.4 billion worldwide are in need of rehabilitative services and this need is expected to grow in the future. In Pakistan, rehabilitation need has been recognized at the government and private level in the last 3 decades. Patients of all ages especially children and older populations are seen for rehabilitation.
Sharif College of Rehabilitation Sciences is established to ensure the high standards of academic and clinical training for its students. The foreign qualified faculty is committed to provide the kind of exposure to equip its graduates to be able to function not only nationally but at international institutions as well. The infrastructure of Sharif Medical & Dental College (SMDC) and Sharif Medical City Hospital (SMCH) is ideal to provide comprehensive academic and clinical knowledge to its students.

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT);
DPT is a 5 years degree program accredited by the University of Health Sciences. Physical Therapy is one of the main specialties in rehabilitation sciences. Physical therapy is one of the growing fields in the healthcare system especially in Pakistan where a variety of ailments are seen in every walk of life.
Physical therapists are professionals dealing with a variety of cases including musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiac, respiratory, sports injuries, fitness, women's health, and other areas. A physical therapist is a professional who assesses and establishes the treatment plan to treat the presenting complaints.
DPT students of SCORS will have the opportunity to enjoy the academic, clinical, and recreational facilities at SMDC and SMCH to enhance their learning, groom their personalities and be respectable individuals of the community.
Sharif College of Rehabilitation Sciences (SCORS) is honored to provide modern rehabilitation knowledge and skills by ensuring the foreign qualified faculty, clinical training with a focus on international standards to equip students with the latest knowledge and clinical reasoning skills.
SCORS is a paradigm of Sharif Medical City;
1. To prepare students as a professional with dedication and motivation to be strong clinicians to become a symbol of excellence in the field of rehabilitation sciences.
2. To inculcate creativity, critical thinking, efficacious communication, and research orientation to enhance evidence-based practice.
3. To inculcate the Islamic and ethical values in professional and personal development to become a strong individual and professional respectful towards the individuals, community, local culture, and social norms.
4. To be a lifelong learner of modern knowledge and skills and disseminate that knowledge and skills with the highest evidence-based standards to patients and peers.
5. To produce graduates distinct in clinical skills, ethical integrity, cultural competence, and leadership personalities.
Our patient-centered mission is achieved by excellent rehabilitation services and professional practices in a well-equipped, and onsite hospital with a focus on patient-oriented outcomes.
Our mission leads by engaging the foreign qualified, research-oriented faculty, latest equipment, and clinical training facilities to empower the knowledge and skills.

SCORS is committed to become the center of excellence in rehabilitation sciences meeting the international standards to produce proficient professionals with critical thinking, clinical excellence, and leadership vision.

SCORS is not just about the rehabilitation sciences. Our core values encircle our graduates to ensure an exceptional individual and professional;
Compassion: Respect and kindness towards all individuals irrespective of socioeconomic, religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.
Enthusiasm: Eagerness towards a profession, learning, and wellness of the community.
Innovation: Ability to be a critical analyzer, intellectual, and thoughtful to ensure the finest outcomes for a profession, individuals, and community. Coaction: Performance as a team player within the academic, clinical, and community level.
Distinction: Practice and goal towards modern knowledge, healthcare system, and international standards.
Professionalism: Integrity towards lifelong learning, advocacy for best care and practices, accountability of self-knowledge and skills, and display of ethical and professional standards.

Clinical Application of Taping and its Evidence-Based Practice Workshop held at SCORS on 20th December 2022

Total Knee Replacement / Anterior Cruciate Ligament Workshop held in December 2021

Kinesiology and Biomechanics Lab

Electro and Medical Physics Lab

Total applicants MBBS program - Provisional Merit List (Session 2022-23)
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