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SGALUM is an effective confederation which serves to foster and support activities that connect the graduates of Sharif Medical and Dental College to each other and to the institute.
It enhances a vibrant and highly engaged community of alumni, friends and trusts in the life of SMDC. The Alumni is led by:

Patron in Chief: Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

Patron: Dr. Muhammad Adnan Khan

President: Principal SMDC

General Secretary: Vice Principal SMDC

Founding and Executive Members: Dr. Haaris Inam Khan, Dr. Amnah Aslam and Dr. Aleena Yasin

SGALUM aims to: Provide opportunities for the alumni to stay connected with each other and to the institute through reunions, events, networks, clubs and volunteering opportunities. Extend internal support to the college students, manage benefit programs and preside over all alumni links.
Manage fundraising activities that mainly support students via bursaries.
Encourage the alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the growth of the institute so as to contribute towards enhancement of the social utility of the institute. Provide scholarships and achievement awards/endowments for outstanding project work, research papers and other professional activities by the students of the institute.

Living under the shade of ‘Achievement through learning’ aka ‘Factum per litteras’, the doctors of Sharif Medical and Dental college have come together again from all over the world to join hands for a noble cause/under the roof of SGALUM.

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