About Sharif Medical and Dental College

Veritas et Devotio

Truth and Devotion
Sharif Medical and Dental College is an Institution under the umbrella of Sharif Trust with its academic campus in the Sharif Medical City, located in the southwest of Lahore at Jati Umra, Sharif Medical City Road. This location is in a clean and peaceful setting on the bank of the canal. This location was chosen by the founder Chairman to provide impetus to the development of this area. The campus is spread over an area of 671kanals.

Professional Training Program

Sharif Medical and Dental College offers two professional training programs:
i. Five-year degree program for MBBS.
ii. Four-year degree program for BDS.

PMDC Recommendation & Federal Government Approval

After receiving recommendations of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PF.12-F-2008 (Sharif)/97468 & PF.12-F-2008 (Sharif)/97470); the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan approved this college vide notification no. F.3- 10/2007-MER dated 16th August 2008, to impart training to MBBS and BDS degrees to the Medical and Dental students. The Ministry of Health has further notified the inclusion of both degrees of MBBS and BDS obtained from this College in schedules I and V of PMDC ordinance 1962 as recognized medical and dental qualifications under the University of Health Sciences.

Affiliation with University

The college is affiliated with the University of Health Sciences, Lahore in pursuance of the University of Health Sciences ordinance 2002 (Ord. No. LVIII of 2002) vide notification no. UHS/Registration/127- 08/1010 dated 25 August 2008.

Enlistment in FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education & Research)

Sharif Medical and Dental College, Lahore is enlisted in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), FAIMER.www.imed.faimer.org.

Accreditation by CPSP and UHS

The Institution is accredited by the College of Physicians & Surgeon Pakistan, Karachi for postgraduate training in Gynecology & Obstetrics, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, General Medicine, Dermatology, Anesthesia, Nephrology, Radiology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, O r t h o d o n t i c s a n d O p h t h a l m o l o g y. The Departments of Orthopaedics, Urology, Anesthesia, General Surgery, and Nephrology are accredited for MS/MD and the Department of Anatomy is accredited for M. Phil Anatomy by the University of Health Sciences, Lahore.

Teaching Faculty

The faculty comprises highly qualified, competent, and devoted professionals, who are committed to provide quality medical education. The faculty is provided opportunities to regular training programs and workshops/seminars to keep themselves abreast with the latest trends and developments in medical education. The instructional strategy provides faculty members the role of group leaders and facilitators rather than being a simple source of one way knowledge. Emphasis is on active learning and interactive teaching techniques for effective learning. Future plans include establishment of a teacher training center at the campus to facilitate excellence to existing teaching/learning. An interdisciplinary double helix curriculum is ready for use in future.

Special Features

The medical students visit the underprivileged communities of Raiwind and its suburbs as a part of the Institutions' outreach program. The program is organized and conducted in collaboration with clinical departments. It provides an exposure of issues faced by non-affording patients and provides an opportunity to practice and polish their skills of empathy and medical ethics. A number of doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff live on the premises to provide round the clock medical care. Teaching and training sessions are regularly conducted to update the staff and to keep them abreast with ongoing developments in medical sciences.

Co-curricular Programs

Co-curricular activities are planned at the beginning of each session and are held throughout the year. These activities begin with a Welcome Party for the first year followed by annual activities like sports, funfair, and debates. The college provides ample opportunity to its students to polish their hidden co-curricular talents. The sports activities are organized by the Sports Club. The various notified sports clubs are table tennis, hockey, football, and cricket.

Student Mentorship Program

The student mentorship program works under the supervision of the Principal to help students both in academic and non-academic areas to facilitate their performance and progress during their stay in college. This system aims to help them in their personal and professional development. Each group is supervised by a notified mentor throughout the sessions. A student once placed in a mentorship group remains in that group till his/ her exit from the College. These sessions are held regularly on the second Saturday of every month. The objective is to keep the faculty and students in touch with each other in order to promote mutual understanding. Each mentor pays personal attention to the difficulties/concerns of students individually and collectively. The reports of the session are collected and summarized for rectification of highlighted concerns of students.

Students Alumni

Graduates of Sharif Medical and Dental College initiated their alumni, in 2012. This forum provides an opportunity to the graduating students to give back to their alma mater and community. SGALUM facilitates the alumni to stay in touch with each other and the institution to enhance professional and academic opportunities. It is a platform for the young, enthusiastic physicians for a regular charity work, information regarding job placements, and career guidance.

Maintenance of Academic Standards Discipline

Academic standards are continuously monitored by the faculty members, Curriculum Committee, Academic Audit Committee, and Quality Enhancement Cell. In the event of a default or failure, appropriate action to improve students' performance is initiated by intimating the parents/guardians. Academic standards are linked to successful completion of graduation requirements i.e. 75% attendance in all theory and practical classes, passing of all internal class tests and professional examinations securing 50% marks in each subject, and demonstration of necessary ethical and professional qualities. If a student fails in the supplementary University Examination, he/she is detained in the class to repeat the course of studies.

Sharif Medical Research Centre (SMRC)

SMRC is working under the supervision of Chief Executive, Sharif Medical City, Dr. Muhammad Adnan Khan. SMRC is committed to contribute to quality research at the National and International level by providing a conducive and supportive field for researchers to work upon. The aim of SMRC is to inculcate and promote research culture among the undergraduate and postgraduate trainees & faculty ensuring authentic and evidence based results.

Journal of Sharif Medical and Dental College

Journal of Sharif Medical and Dental College was published for the first time in 2015. It is a biannual peer-reviewed scientific journal. JSMDC has published 13 issues so far. The Editorial Board of the journal is headed by the Chief Executive, Sharif Medical City, Dr. Muhammad Adnan Khan, and comprises of reputed National and International members.