Mian Mohammad Sharif
The Founding Father

Our Mission

Sharif Trust is committed to provide latest Medical Education to its students by inculcating professional knowledge, skills and responsibility along with ethical values into their personalities with the aim of preparing them as modern physicians having the initiative to act as future leaders in Medicine.

Board of Trustees

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif
Muhammad Abbas Sharif

Chairman's Message

Sharif Medical and Dental College, Lahore is an institution of its kind, being ideally located and having state of the art tertiary care, Sharif Medical City Hospital. The Hospital has highly qualified senior faculty, who are pioneers and leaders in their own field. You are welcome to join this institution, which promises an enriching, exciting and fulfilling experience. Medical career at a good medical institution is the choice and desire of most of the aspiring candidates. It must be kept in mind that the practice of medicine is a very demanding field and is not just an occupation, but a profession having multiple foci to pay attention to. It is a process of rapid evolution of the personalities of the budding doctors, based on integrated and interdisciplinary teaching. In practical life, medical doctors deal with urgency, communication skill, critical thinking, biomedical ethics, research methodology and finally teaching skills. Doing so sometimes they have to ignore their personal comforts. Medical students are advised to acquire knowledge designed to foster excellence and develop ethical perspective so that they are able to serve society with a sense of duty and honesty. Additional responsibility on future healers is to keep abreast with latest advances in medical field. It is also expected from them to become aware of the necessity of effective teamwork with vital and complementary role of paramedics, nurses, social worker and physiotherapists, because modern medicine cannot be practiced in isolation. My advice to the faculty and the administrative staff at Sharif Medical and Dental College, Lahore is that the education programme should be designed to prepare future leaders in medicine with focus not merely on transfer of technical skills and information to the students but also transformation of their personalities.

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Sharif Trust was founded by Late Mian Mohammad Sharif, a philanthropist and an industrial conglomerate, who was blessed with an ability to run enterprises effectively. His first project was launched in the Steel industry in 1937 as Sharif Group. He migrated to Lahore, Pakistan during partition of Indian Subcontinent in 1947 and had to start his business once again. The group emerged, in a short period of time, as a leading group in the steel, textile and sugar sectors of Pakistan.

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